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FM 200 Projects Overview


The first phase of the project is “Initiation”. In this phase the client consults Sigler Fire Equipment Company on design, engineering and installation procedures.


The second phase of the project is "Design". During this phase Sigler Fire Equipment Company designers create the schematic drawing of the fire suppression system using CAD design software.

Assembly & Programming

The third phase of the project is "Assembly & Programming". In this phase Sigler Fire Equipment Company assembles the control panel(s) and writes the code to program the internal "brain" that controls the fire suppression system.

Construction & Installation

The fourth phase of the project is "Construction & Installation". In this phase the Sigler Fire Equipment Company installs the fire suppression system based on the final isometric schematic created during the Design phase. The system is tested and verified as working at peak efficiency to meet the applicable NFPA standards.

Post Installation

After installation, Sigler Fire Equipment Company completes periodic testing to verify that the system is operating within NFPA standards and continues to function at peak efficiency.

This is the state of the art clean agent equipment for recycling, refilling and maintaining your clean agent fire protection systems. Sigler Fire Equipment has over 1500 pounds of FM-200 fire suppressant agent in storage to ensure the immediate refilling of your systems. We are the only firm in the region with this capability.

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